• Our property is taking on a new identity.

    We are excited to have small businesses, groups and individuals using our facility. Thrive Church, NA/AA groups, Effervescent Studio, Riverbend Headstart Play Groups and English as Second Language classes and coming soon Be Here Yoga


    2101 Cleveland Blvd., Granite City, IL 62040

    Twigs Community Complex

    Welcomes Effervescent Studios



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    "Transforming Lives Through Dance"

    Tumbleweeds Community Garden

    Newest Addition to the Twigs

    Feeding Programs


    2100 Cleveland Blvd., Granite City


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    Home of

    The Family Treehouse - Twigs and F.I.G.S.

    So many changes. So much renovation.

    Still, one thing remains...lives are being touched.

    Need Food?

    If you need help with food or know someone who does, please share this information.



    Twigs Annex - 2450 Stratford Lane, Granite City, IL

    Distribution begins at noon. - Drive-thru only.

    Coming Soon to G.C.

    We will soon be welcoming a yoga studio to our building.

    Stay tuned for more details and the grand opening.

    Twigs Christmas Fest


    December 11, 2021

    Time: 5pm-8pm

    Place: Twigs Tumbleweeds Garden

    2100 Cleveland Blvd., Granite City, IL 62040


    NOTE: Sign-up link below will take you to our Facebook page. Links are in a post pinned to the top of the page.


    Available NOW thru 11/30/21


    IF you and your friends would like to help us feed the kids, email us at twigsforkids.com and we will get you a calendar.

    The total of the food requested on each calendar is approximately $35.00 at Aldi's.


    After Christmas the food collected can be dropped off at 2450 Stratford Lane, Granite City, IL 62040


    The goal of TWIGS is to provide a lunch to the children who are at risk of not having a lunch during the summer months. The children identified as being at risk are those who qualify for the nationally funded free and reduced lunch program during the school year. Therefore, through partnerships with local school districts the neighborhoods where the at risk children live are identified and lunch locations are then set-up. The locations vary from a firehouse to an empty lot owned by the city. The goal is to have enough locations so that every child has the ability to walk to get a lunch.


    The quick growth and excitement surrounding the TWIGS program has been overwhelming and heart-warming all at the same time. It has become very obvious that we cannot promote/support/operate this program without the help of many in our community. From the mayor of Granite City, to the township hall supervisor to the fire chief and local fire departments to the police department, local school districts and its officials and local businesses; the program has garnered huge support and partnership with regard to volunteers and locations.


    Our cost per lunch is about $1.35. Support a child for the entire summer with $75.


    NEW Mailing Address

    2101 Cleveland Blvd.

    Granite City, IL 62040


    Twigs Annex

    (Distribution Center)

    2450 Stratford Lane

    Granite City, IL 62040